New paths in Kumaon

Dumping my backpack I squeeze through a tiny wooden door into a small square room. Once my eyes adjust to its gloomy interior I see relief carvings either side. At the rear squats a statue of Vishnu. Continue Reading »

The luxury isle

My first stay in Bali cost me the princely sum of US$3 a night. This bought a simple double room with banana pancakes for breakfast and an endless supply of strong, gritty Balinese coffee, kept in a thermos flask on the verandah and consumed while we gazed over rice paddies that, in those days, spread either side of Jalan Monkey Forest in the village of Ubud. Continue Reading »

Cafe of salvation

Jimmy Pham sits beside a small window, gazing across a busy Hanoi street at the ancient grey stone walls surrounding the Temple of Literature, Quoc Tu Giam. Built in 1076, it was Vietnam’s first national university. Continue Reading »

The wild man of Borneo

The wild man of Borneo was being difficult. His handlers had to grapple him to the ground before gently shoving him back into the bush, away from the walking track. Continue Reading »