New Zealand

Calm in a restless land

Rotorua revels in its reputation as a New Zealand tourist “hot” spot. Built on a geological time bomb and bubbling with sulphurous volcanic attractions, the town’s a naturally lively place. Volcanic steam hisses perpetually from natural fissures, curls from grates placed strategically in the streets and rises from many private backyards. Continue Reading »

Tight lines in South Island

Financial Review Magazine

Fly fishermen seek ultimate tranquillity. It’s not uncommon for them to use a helicopter and be dropped off in otherwise well-nigh inaccessible places, most likely tucked among snow-capped mountains somewhere near the headwaters of a pristine river. Such solitude naturally costs a lot but for the ardent fly fisherman there’s simply no substitute. Continue Reading »

Mighty Milford

New Zealand’s Milford Track is billed as “the finest walk in the world”. It could also be called the friendliest walk in the world. Three days hiking in the wilderness with 38 strangers from around the world proved an inspiring experience. Continue Reading »

Auckland ahoy!

Auckland has been drinking deep from the cup of success while bathing in the warm, fuzzy glow of world attention, having twice in recent years hosted the ultra high-profile yachting extravaganza of the Louis Vuitton Challenge followed by the America’s Cup. The Cup has since gone to Switzerland. But in its wake and in today’s increasingly troubled world New Zealand still finds itself very much in favour as both safe haven and alluring destination. Continue Reading »

Crucible of the arts

Arrival by air in Nelson presents a visual reminder that not quite everything in New Zealand is actually 100 % Pure. A yellow cloud, billowing from a fibreboard plant, is a streak of dense ochre smudging a clear sky above a shimmering, silvery-blue Tasman Bay. Continue Reading »