Sex in the city, Spanish style

Seville smoulders each April when the annual feria hits town. For a week there’s “sex in the city, Spanish style” as the people of this historic Andaluz town don their traditional glad rags and sashay down to the barrio of Los Remedios for the biggest, most colourful, flamenco fiesta of the year.

From dusk till dawn the guitars strum, heels drum and flamenco dresses twirl. It’s party all night, then get ready to restart by noon. Surviving these seven days of intense, non-stop socialising requires a combination of staunch stamina and strategically spaced siestas.

From it’s origins as a cattle market, Seville’s April Fair has grown into one of the most joyful and vibrant festivals in Spain, an energetic and vivacious celebration of country traditions. Contact me for complete article