The wild man of Borneo

The wild man of Borneo was being difficult. His handlers had to grapple him to the ground before gently shoving him back into the bush, away from the walking track.

Ramli is a feisty and oft-belligerent inmate of the Sepilok Orang-Utan Reserve, near Sandakan in Sabah. He insists on a regular meet-and-greet routine with visitors and had been using his ultra long, strong arms and tough, knuckly hands to clutch at the khaki shorts of a luckless victim. It took deft footwork to escape his attentions.

We pressed on quickly towards the feeding platform. Soon a commotion behind us indicated Ramli had sprung into action again. We had heard about a hapless French tourist who was stripped naked by these curious apes and we’d been warned to avoid any direct eye contact. Contact me for complete article