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A river ramble

July 13th, 2007

I’ve been walking a few sections of the Thames Path, one of the best quick breaks out of London I can imagine. This national trail follows the river from its source in the Cotswolds all the way to the Thames Barrier in London so you can do the whole walk should you have both the time and stamina or choose parts to walk either for a day’s outing, a weekend break or a three or four-day hike.
Best of all, the weather turned splendid for the time I was strolling along its banks between Goring and Windsor. I arrived in Henley-on-Thames the day after the annual regatta ended which thankfully meant I could at least find a bed for the night, something that would be impossible while the event is in full flow.

Anyone visiting London and wanting some time out can easily access any part of the Thames Path trail simply using public transport. There are so many options for an overnight stay and plenty of lovely pubs to use as pitstops along the way or for an evening meal.

I felt I was literally following in the footsteps of history. Fittingly, I ended my Thames walk with a visit to Windsor Castle. I’d be very interested to hear any tales of adventures along this famous river.

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