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Are you bad to the bone?

June 17th, 2010

Just how evil are you? If you think you’re truly, really awful enough then you could be in the running for a six-month holiday – which can’t be all that bad, can it?

Copying the highly successful “world’s best job” Queensland multi-media web campaign, global tour operator On The Go is running a “world’s worst creep” campaign. The attractive prize is an all-expenses-paid trip across four continents. That’s six months on the road in China, India, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Turkey, Nepal and Russia, including a trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway!

This sounds far more exciting than admitting to personal faults in psychotherapy. The catch is this: becoming globally unpopular is the ultimate goal.

Having told all and sundry just how stinking rotten to the core you are and why you deserve this six-month “deportation”, you’ll also need to spark instant world-wide revulsion by encouraging everyone in the known Web-i-verse to vote for your spectacular admission. No shrinking violets need apply.

Given the subject matter, entries to date have been exceedingly lame. This means there’s abundant scope for you to really spice it up, right here: Get Rid Of Me!

The successful dirty rotten scoundrel will share their grand tour prize with A. N. Other. This simply begs the question: who’d wish to travel with someone so bad to the bone?