MODEST air travellers are being assured that what is private will stay private when full body scanners are introduced to airports next year. The Government has stressed that only a stick figure would appear on the screen as passengers passed through the $28 million scanning machines, and not a naked picture. – source: The Daily Telegraph

    I’m all for safer flying, but ignoring the contrived corps de ballet pose, does anyone seriously believe that this photo depicts how we will appear under a scanner? Should we believe assurances that our body parts won’t show? There’s also the issue of radiation and health. And if you think your scan will be safe from public exposure, then what to make of what allegedly happened at Heathrow? BAA says the claims “simply could not be true”, stating that the scanners had no facility for printing images or storing them. So was it just a Bollywood publicity stunt?

    I think being sniffed by a trained dog would be far preferable, and prove more efficient in detection. Bring on the beagles!

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