Connection conundrum

Why do the most expensive hotels charge their guests extra for web access when the cheapest hotels offer it free of charge? It seems to be a prime example of “the more you pay, the less you get”.

There’s free internet in two-star budget hotels. You find it in a tiny café. But not in a five-star establishment with a multi-million dollar annual budget. The luxury end of the market persists in gouging guests as much as $25 a day for the privilege of connection. It doesn’t make sense. You’d think their top-notch room rates might include value-added extras. And there are some hotels that charge separately for in-room access and for lobby wi-fi access.

The answer is simple: they do it because they can. Their guests are either on company expense accounts and don’t care, or they are wealthy enough that cost is not an issue. Once you are willing to pay extra for high-end service these hotels are happy to oblige wherever they can.

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